Pilot Dave Wood Tragically Killed In Antarctic Accident

Pilot David Wood, 62 from Canada, a contractor employed by Helicopter Resources was working with the Australian Antarctic program at Davis station from the 12th of December 2015.

Dave and another pilot had landed at a remote fuel depot on Monday the 11th of January when Dave disembarked his aircraft and fell in to a crevasse. He was returned to Davis station by helicopter after a 3 hour rescue mission but sadly passed away on Tuesday.

The Helicopter Resources staff and management offer their sincerest condolences to Mr Wood’s family.

Mr Wood was a respected colleague and friend to many in the Australian Antarctic program and at Helicopter Resources, with which he has been involved since the early 90’s flying helicopters in the Antarctic during the ’93/’94 season and later the ’13/’14, ’14/’15 and ’15/’16 seasons. He also had extensive experience flying in the Arctic and Canada.

Read the media release from the Australian Antarctic Division: Here

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