VIC: 03 5973 3900

TAS: 03 6215 7000

Helicopter Resources undertake a wide range of commercial activities (see below).

Tasmania’s unique geographic topography lends itself to helicopter operations, therefore Helicopter Resources has established itself as Tasmania’s leading and most experienced helicopter operator.
Our highly professional pilots carry out the client's tasks, implementing the highest level of safety with emphasis on client requirements, to ensure each task is completed as efficiently as possible.

Commercial Uses

Aerial ignition
Drip torch
Incendiary machine

Antarctic Operations
Ship to shore

Eagle nest searching

Environmental surveys

Executive transfers/tours

Feral animal control

Water sampling

Fire fighting
Aerial mapping
Control burning
Infrared imaging
Surveillance and control post
Water bombing

Flood relief

Fruit drying

Frost control

Geological Exploration and services
Energy and mineral research
Precious metals/diamonds

Wire stringing

Hikers and mountaineers

Hydro electric projects

Lighthouse resupply and maintenance

Low level filming, photography


National Parks service

Power line inspections

Sling load operations
Cargo and materials
Precision 'long line' specialists
Tower and building construction
Vertical reference long line operations

The above operations are our main areas of activity; however we can and do provide helicopter services to many other fields when required.

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