(RTO) Ground Crew Training

Registered Training Organisation (RTO)

Helicopter Resources is a nationally accredited Registered Training Organization (RTO). This significant investment was made in response to the feedback received from several agencies in order to provide formal training for working around helicopters and conducting external load lifting operations. Our training is suited to individuals who will be involved in field helicopter operations such as; Emergency Service Personnel, Track Construction Crews, Adventure Trekking Guides & Survey or Drilling Crews.

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Work Safely Around Aircraft

Unit of Competency - PUAFIR209B

Our “Work Safely Around Aircraft – PUAFIR209B” one-day course will provide an excellent basic level familiarization, knowledge and safety training for all staff working in and around helicopters. This training will provide students with both theoretical and practical elements which will build their knowledge and skills to a recognized national standard and level of competency.  This training also includes “rotors running” elements to ensure real-world conditions to simulate helicopter operations in the field.

This unit of competency is a pre-requisite to “Conduct External Load-Lift Operations” & “Undertake Helicopter Hover-Exit Operations”.


Conduct External Load Lift Operations

Unit of Competency - AVIY4051

This one-day course also provides theoretical and practical elements to provide each student with the base knowledge to work safely around and under an operating helicopter. This training will include “rotors running” and “in-flight” operations, including marshalling the aircraft, rigging of external loads and connecting and disconnecting of external loads to the helicopter.

Our accredited training aims to help bridge the gap between the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) regulations and Workplace Health & Safety requirements.


Undertake Helicopter Hover-Exit Operations

Unit of Competency - PUAFIR216

Helicopter Resources is now able to provide our one-day “Hover Entry-Exit” accredited RTO unit of competency. This training will be especially relevant to remote fire teams and other crews with a requirement to be placed into the field in areas where no appropriate helipad exists. This unit of competency also has theoretical and practical elements to train each student in the safe methods of “Hover Entry-Exit” using the AS-350 as a platform. There is also scope within this course to utilize specific equipment, clothing and PPE as provided by the client. There are in-flight elements included within the syllabus to train each student on the various types of hover entry-exit techniques including the loading and un-loading of equipment.

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