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Helicopter Resources is firmly committed to seeking the highest level of operational excellence as a basic corporate policy. We take pride in providing the safest and most reliable service to customers. We have an exceptional safety record, having won internationally recognised safety awards.

Helicopter Resources have an on-going development program dedicated to maintaining the highest possible level of flight safety and engineering standards, in addition to a well established ISO 9001:2015 Quality System, Safety Management System and an Occupational Health and Safety System.


Safety around Helicopters Video

We ask that if you are flying with us, you should get yourself acquainted with the safety features of our aircraft. to make this as simple as possible we have produced this short safety video about safety around helicopters. This is in addition to the safety briefing you will be given by your pilot before your flight.

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(Aviation) Safety Policy Statement

HELICOPTER RESOURCES Pty Ltd is totally committed to providing safe, reliable and efficient helicopter transportation services.

Our commitment is to;

  • Develop and embed a safety culture in all our aviation activities that recognises the importance and value of effective aviation safety management and acknowledges at all times that safety is paramount,

  • Clearly define for all employees their accountabilities and responsibilities for the development and delivery of aviation safety strategy and performance,

  • Minimise the risks associated with aircraft operations to a point that is as low as reasonably practicable/achievable,

  • Ensure that externally supplied systems and services that impact upon the safety of our operations meet appropriate safety standards,

  • Actively develop and improve our safety processes,

  • Comply with and, wherever possible, exceed legislative and regulatory requirements and standards,

  • Ensure that all employees are provided with adequate and appropriate aviation safety information and training, are competent in safety matters and are only allocated tasks commensurate with their skills,

  • Ensure that sufficient skilled and trained resources are available to implement safety strategy and policy,

  • Establish and measure our safety performance against realistic objectives and/or targets,

  • Achieve the highest levels of safety performance in all our aviation activities;

  • Continually improve our safety performance,

  • Conduct safety and management reviews and ensure that relevant action is taken,

  • Ensure that the application of effective aviation safety management systems is integral to all our aviation activities, with the objective of achieving the highest levels of safety standards and performance.

W. J. English

Managing Director

17th June, 2016

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