Work Health & Safety

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Work Health & Safety Policy Statement

It is the policy of HELICOPTER RESOURCES to promote and maintain the highest degree of health, safety and well being of all employees by:

  • Comply with the relevant legal as well as other requirements, to which the company subscribes, that relate to its WH&S obligations,
  • Protect workers, clients and others from harm to their health, safety and welfare by the elimination and/or minimisation of risks arising from their interactions with the company,
  • Provide the framework for setting, actioning and reviewing WH&S objectives,
  • Place and maintain employees in an occupational environment designed to satisfy their needs for health, safety and well-being at work, via company procedures manuals.

This policy provides for:

  • A proactive approach which aims for continuous improvement to our WH&S system,
  • Establishing and maintaining work practices which are safe and minimise risk to health. Providing effective employee/contractor consultation through communication of relevant information via toolbox meetings,¬†regular briefings & reporting mechanisms,
  • All levels of management and supervisory staff are to be responsible and accountable for minimising the potential for occupational injury to and/or illness of staff within their area of responsibility,
  • Training, placing and supervising all staff to enable the safe performance of duties,
  • Reviewing, documenting, developing and implementing preventative strategies to mitigate workplace hazards.

All personnel have a responsibility to perform their work so that safety is a principal outcome. An open dialogue within the company on all matters of safety is encouraged in order to promote awareness, improve procedures and promote a strong 'Safety Culture' throughout the organisation.



Managing Director

17th June 2016.

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